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The Quest for Immortality — FastForward Radio

¬†Phil and Stephen discuss the quest for immortality, which has been with humanity for a long time — perhaps since the very beginning, and which has done much to shape the world in which we live. New organizations are emerging with a whole new take on the proposition that life can be extended indefinitely. How […]

Extend Your Life Now — Part 2

Continuing our countdown of easy things you can do now to extend your life. Brain with Alzheimer’s (left) vs. normal brain (right) Fasting can help protect against brain diseases, scientists say Researchers at the National Institute on Ageing in Baltimore said they had found evidence which shows that periods of stopping virtually all food intake […]

Extend Your Life Now — Part 1

Healthy life extension is not something that we’re going to “discover” in the future. It is something we have been working towards for a long time and to which we are getting closer every day. Writing at PJ Media, Patrick Cox explains a major shift in thinking which has occurred in the past few years […]

Personalized Life Extension Conference

Hey, want to live longer? The second Personalized Life Extension Conference is coming to the South San Francisco Conference Center March 31- April 1 2012. This looks like a tremendous follow-up to the 2010 event, with a program focused on anti-aging strategies and tactics for a long, healthy life. A jam-packed agenda will cover myriad […]

How to Save Four Billion Lives

Let’s discuss some ideas that really make a difference. Over at The World Transformed site, Brian Wang explains why accelerating technological development should be happening faster. Lives are at stake. A lot of lives: Currently we have 55 million people dying every year and we are still stuck on earth. If we did things right […]

The Most Important Scientific Discovery of the Year?

Maria Konovalenko says yes: A paper of extreme importance for fighting aging came out in the Nature journal on Thursday. A research group from Buck Institute lead by Professor Gordon Lithgow was able to prolong life of nematodes by 78% by adding one compound to the worms’ diet – a dye Thioflavin T. The authors […]

Wave of the Future

Some day soon we won’t consider this a big deal at all: 100 Year Old Man Starts PhD Anybody who has decided against taking something like this on just because they have passed their 40th or 50th or 60th (or whateverth) birthday ought to take a lesson from this man. I’ve often thought about going […]

Immortality Made Easy

Apparently, you can start immediately: Adopt a hunter-gatherer lifestyle after 35 to 40 if Eurasian, earlier if ancestry is less Eurasian.   If younger than 30 and Eurasian, continue on a post-agricultural revolution diet (or Andrew Weil-style diet). Use the best modern medicine Use autologous (from your own cells) tissue repair as it becomes available in […]

Aging Reversed?

Image via Wikipedia Stop the presses. Before you complete our latest survey, consider this: Scientists Find Way to Partially Reverse Aging in Mice U.S. scientists say they have partially reversed age-related degeneration in mice, leading to new brain and testes growth, improved fertility and the return of lost cognitive function, or thinking skills. The advance […]

Life Expectancy 200 and Beyond

Christian Henrik Nesheim of I Look Forward To wrote me last week inviting me to participate in his latest futurist survey, this time on the subject of life expectancy. The question was as follows: In which decade do you think medicine will enable a human life expectancy of 200 years, and why in this particular decade? […]