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Wealth Robots

Humans and their machines are doing a fantastic job of making humanity as a whole wealthier through independent initiatives. But what if we deployed, within certain parameters (e.g., concern for the environment), machines focused on a single task: increasing the material well-being of all human beings? Arguably, the arms race between intelligent trading systems is […]

Post-Scarcity Roadmap

There is good reason to believe that we are heading towards post-scarcity, a new economy in which, basically, anybody can have anything they want. We’ll all be rich: Post-scarcity is a theoretical alternative form of economics or social engineering in which goods, services and information are universally accessible.[1] This would require a sophisticated system of […]

Ad from the Future

Imagine when we’ll see advertisements for 3D printer supplies that look no different from ads for inkjet cartridges or printing paper that we’ve seen for years. Things like this: (hat-tip: Shawn Thuris) My immediate thought — these spools look exactly like the ones I load into my lawn edger / trimmer. I wonder if they […]