Would You Watch This Sport?

By | October 25, 2010

This commercial is awesome, hands down.  Question: would a race like this – which looks like a robot foot race around the globe – would it attract the kind of attention and spectator-love shown in this commercial?  
I’d watch.  I’d be there cheering at the finish line.
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  • dwwood76

    I think that sport would be as interesting to me as a car race: Aside from the occasional dramatic moment, it would be pretty monotonous to watch. I want to see them get into a gladiator ring for my amusement! Or better yet, do something useful and make me a sandwich. My sons aren’t old enough to learn the art yet. :)

  • stephentg

    I think your comparison with auto racing is apt. Some people don’t get auto racing. They hesitate to call it a sport since the athlete is less the driver than the car.

    But look how popular auto racing is! NASCAR has taken over the country. Think of the variables involved in a robot race like this – weather, pit crews, a robot fight in route. This could be fun.

  • dwwood76

    I cannot deny the popularity of NASCAR or F1, no more than I can Soccer, Smooth Jazz or Stamp Collecting. It is simply my inability to appreciate these fine pursuits that I make note of. I think you hit the nail on the head though when you mention robot fights in route. Much like I suspect many people watch car racing for the crashes. I think I would definitely watch a highlight reel.

    Now, bring back Battle Bots, only with humanoid robots, and my primitive lizard brain gets really excited. :)