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Wealth Robots

Humans and their machines are doing a fantastic job of making humanity as a whole wealthier through independent initiatives. But what if we deployed, within certain parameters (e.g., concern for the environment), machines focused on a single task: increasing the material well-being of all human beings? Arguably, the arms race between intelligent trading systems is […]

Driverless Future Approaches

From Science Daily: First Driverless Vehicle to Hit the Roads Singapore’s first clean and green driverless shuttle transportation system will soon see passengers shuttling between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and JTC Corporation’s (JTC) CleanTech Park. In a partnership between NTU, JTC and Induct Technologies, and supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), an autonomous […]

Pop-up Bug Robots

Mass-produced robot insects. I mean, hey, what could possibly go wrong? In new mass-production technique, robotic insects spring to life Production method inspired by children’s pop-up books enables rapid fabrication of tiny, complex devices Devised by engineers at Harvard, the ingenious layering and folding process enables the rapid fabrication of not just microrobots, but a […]

Would You Watch This Sport?

This commercial is awesome, hands down.  Question: would a race like this – which looks like a robot foot race around the globe – would it attract the kind of attention and spectator-love shown in this commercial?   I’d watch.  I’d be there cheering at the finish line.

Top Ten Tweets; October 12, 2010

…this time Stephen chooses ten topics from his recent tweets. Robots: Drudge Report: …self-driving cars have logged over 140,000 miles Barry Ptolemy: Computers Are Driving Cars In Traffic Pete Cashmore: 10 Amazing Real Life Robots – Space: Drudge Report: Private spaceship makes 1st solo glide flight… Scientific American: Mission To Mars […]

Hungry Household Robots

They’re here to help. You know, dust, pick up after you, that sort of thing. Oh, and they can also eliminate vermin…by eating the pests. The video says it all: I’m not usually one for robots-gone-mad scenarios, but doesn’t the idea of a robot designed to seek out and eat living things in your house […]

Recognizing Objects

It’s a lot easier for us than it is for computers: [W]hat we regard as the simple process of “recognition” would leave many computers stumped. Even something as apparently simple as recognising a birthday cake would normally require computers to be fed with information on what a cake generally looks like, the various shapes and […]

Reader's Choice Video 7

Well, since Phil made the choice last week, I thought I’d thow out the video this week: Give that bot a skin or shell and it would be ready for mass production. Note that built-in segwayesque mobility. UPDATE: And don’t miss this one. Johnny Lee demos Wii Remote Hacks. A $50 interactive white board, 3D […]