FastForward Radio — Our Future at Sea

By | October 13, 2010
“The legal/political
environment doesn’t operate on an exponentially improving curve, why
wait for that system to catch up while technology races down the road
to the future?”

–Max Marty

Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon welcome Max Marty of the Seasteading Institute to discuss how and why people might soon be taking up permanent residence on the high seas.

From the intro page:

What is “Seasteading”?

Seasteading is creating permanent dwellings on the ocean – homesteading
the high seas. A seastead…is a structure meant for permanent
occupation on the ocean.

Currently, it is very difficult to experiment with alternative social
systems on a small scale; countries are so enormous that it is hard for
an individual to make much difference. The world needs a new frontier,
a place where those who wish to experiment with building new societies
can go to test out their ideas.

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About our guest
Max Marty is Head of Commercial Seasteading with the Seasteading institute, tasked with planning for the economic
and financial challenges that individuals and firms aboard seasteads,
and the seasteads themselves, will be facing when the Institute’s
vision comes to fruition.