Top Ten Tweets; October 12, 2010

By | October 12, 2010

…this time Stephen chooses ten topics from his recent tweets.

  1. Robots:

  2. Space:

  3. Medicine:

    • Lifeboat Foundation: Atomic Medicine: Bret Kulakovich, author of “Atomic Medicine: Further Evidence of Accelerating Returns.” link

    • DISCOVER Magazine: Now that we can make designer babies, do we have an *obligation* to do so?

    • Sarah Multiverse: Berkeley Bionics had parapalegics using their new exoskeleton. Bawling like a baby.

    • Aaron Saenz: Italian Boy Receives Permanent ‘Artificial Heart’ Implant

  4. Rapid Prototyping:
    • Sean Flanagan: Full-Scale Turbo-Prop Aircraft Engine built using 3D printing.

  5. Computer Interface:

    • Sean Flanagan: Thoughtware.TV – Head-mounted display projects directly onto the retina. link

  6. Out of the Box Engineering:

    • DiscoverMag DISCOVER Magazine: OK, this green “incredible edible house” is farfetched, but pics are great. And it has “hydroponic insulating shingles”

    • MIT proposes the Boeing D Series to Reinvent the 737 for 70% greater fuel efficiency

  7. Fun Stuff:

  8. Memes worth spreading:
    • Jay Oatway: Stephen Johnson’s “Where Good Ideas Come From” is a hymn to multidisciplinary creativity + open systems. link
  9. Perspective:
    • Nathan Wolfe’s Jungle Search for Viruses.

  10. Prize Winner:

    • Scientific American: Nobel Prize in Chemistry Honors Technique For Synthesizing Complex Compounds
  • Phil Bowermaster

    How do those Google cars know when the light is red? can they “see” in color?

  • Phil

    Related –

    It appears that more than one team is working on this. Now that Google has gone public others are beginning to: