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Viva La Vida

You know, not that long ago, putting something like this together took a lot of expensive equipment and the efforts of several people: Now ANYBODY can do it. Well, not anybody. I mean, you have to be able to play Viva La Vida on the violin, and that’s highly specialized knowledge… Humanity is evolving rapidly: […]

Friday Video

So I’m two days late. Sue me. Zombie warnings: Via GeekPress, who does not endorse this kind of activity.

Friday Videos

An inspirational song to kick off the weekend. This one really takes me back. Plus here’s a neat video — related to our discussion of open societies on the most recent FFR — on the subject of growing career options for women in (at least some parts of) the Arab world, compliments of Harvey’s friend […]

Before and After the Singularity

Our friend Harvey, who puts modesty aside to claim that Ed Wood himself “never made anything as terrible” as what you’re about to see, gives us a glimpse into a plausible future where crusty old guys play cards with robots — I’m wondering if the robot is some kind of in-home care-giver. We know the […]

Quick Trip to Russia

Chek out this haunting and evocative video. Via Andrew Sullivan, interestingly enough. I’m not really a big PSB fan (by any stretch of the imagination) but the video put me back in Russia in a way nothing else has in the 12 years since I was last there. I sincerely hoped that it was made […]

Random Friday Videos

A public service announcement: I think between the three of us, Stephen, Jefe, and I have this guy covered: (Via GeekPress, btw, but I’m sure none of those characteristics apply to Mr. Hsieh.) This one was recommended by our old buddy, Blacknail. He claims it brought a tear to his eye. All I can tell […]