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Illusion, Reality, and Photoshop

Some thoughts on the malleability of images over at Transparency Revolution: You take two excessively attractive people and you make them even more attractive. Sure, it’s about as close to literally gilding a lily as anything ever comes, but so what? We value these people because of their looks (meaning no offense to their acting […]

Fast Forward Radio – Interview with author Sonia Arrison

Author Sonia Arrison joins hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon to talk about her book:   100 Plus: How the Coming Age of Longevity Will Change Everything, From Careers and Relationships to Family and Faith.     Is it possible that living to be 100, 150, 200 or even older will soon be the norm […]

Doctors on Drugs

Yes, sometimes the access that doctors have to drugs leads to poor decisions and bad behavior, but that’s not what the title of this piece refers to. We’re asking a totally different question, here: what if doctors were required to take certain drugs? The question comes from Instapundit, who put it this way: IF “SMART […]

The World Transformed 2, Part 5: Intelligence Transformed

A few years back, a computer won a chess match against the world’s most highly rated player. More recently, a computer beat a pair of highly skilled human competitors on the game show Jeopardy! IBM, the company responsible for building both of these remarkable machines, announced that Watson, the computer that won on Jeopardy!, is […]

World Transformed 2 Premieres

The World Transformed 2, Part 1 Some of it is evolutionary, some of it is cultural, and a small portion of it is original to us as individuals. It is our way of thinking. Our thinking is always subject to scrutiny and inspection, but perhaps never more urgently than now. If profound change truly is […]

FastForward Radio — the Future of Facebook

Futurists Alvis Brigis and Vanessa Miemis join Phil and Stephen to discuss the Future of Facebook. Is Facebook destined to be the next Google or the next AOL? PLUS — Alvis provides some details about Open Foresight.    Listen to internet radio with The Speculist on Blog Talk Radio About our guests Alvis Brigis is writer, […]

FastForward Radio — The Future We make

Phil  and Stephen discuss futurism as advocacy. How does ideology impact our view of what the future is likely to be? What happens when we stop trying just to predict the future and start trying to make it happen? PLUS: The future Phil and Stephen are trying to make happen.   Listen to internet radio […]

Stillness Part VI, Chapter 62

It seems that that we are at a bit of an impasse. We are all here together at my conference table—yours truly, the Frenchman, the knockout, and the freakazoid. Oh, and of course the three boxes. “So what game are you playing?” LeClaire asks Markku. He’s been studying the boxes for the past few seconds. […]