We’re Moving

By | December 30, 2012

After nearly ten years of blogging here at The Speculist and more than five years of podcasting under the name FastForward Radio, we will be moving both the blog and the radio show to worldtransformed.com and, going forward, The World Transformed will be the name both of this blog and our radio show.

Why the change?

For a long time we’ve wanted to get the blog and the show under a common banner, but we never thought “The Speculist” was a particularly good name for  a radio show. On the other hand, “FastForward Radio” is a good name for a blog only if it exists just to support the show, but that was never the idea. The blog and the site are both here to support a common set of ideas.

Anyway, we don’t own the domain FastForward Radio and we’re old fashioned about wanting to own our domain.

Of course, as long-time FFR listeners know, our two landmark special series (in 2009 and 2011) went by the name The World Transformed. That’s a domain we DO own, and frankly it’s just too good a name and domain to let sit around for months or years at a time.

Thus the change.

This doesn’t mean that The Speculist name is gone. The World Transformed will be both a publication and audio production of Speculist Media. And that isn’t just a sentimental thing. We’ll be doing some interesting things under that name in the months to come. Stay tuned.