It's a New Phil, Week 14

By | April 8, 2006

Holding steady at 259 pounds this week, still showing an overall loss of 38 pounds!

There has been a lot of blogosphere chatter about dieting the last couple of days, not all of it encouraging. Jane Galt linked to this piece which seems to pretty much say that if you try to lose weight, you’re going to fail. And even if you do succeed somehow, it isn’t going to help you much. In fact, losing the weight may just kill you quicker.

Well, ouch.

Bless her, Jane takes issue with these findings, at least anecdotally. Meanwhile, Dr. Helen chimes in with a slightly different take.

Count on our old buddy Reason to put everything into perspective. Putting the issues of diet and weight aside for a moment, having excess fat around your middle causes inflamation, which can kill you six different ways. At least.

Besides, I found that I rather liked actually fitting in my airline seat when I flew a couple weeks ago.

I’m sticking with this thing, and that’s that.

  • Stephen Gordon


    I can’t imagine that staying overweight would be preferable to making an effort to lose weight. Especially if its making you feel better.

    I do think that the present state of the art is intolerable. There has to be a better way to lose weight and keep it off. Some way that won’t involve hunger and constant vigilance and effort. Perhaps we are just a few years away from something like that.

    But like your friend who needed the kidney and couldn’t wait for the tech to grow one from his own stem cells, many of us need to lose weight today.

    So, right now, I guess we simply burn more calories than we take in.