Rome Revisited

By | June 12, 2007

This is neat:

An international team of architects, archaeologists and experts spent 10 years working on a real-time 3D model of the city called Rome Reborn.

Some 7,000 buildings were scanned and reproduced using a model of the city kept at a Rome museum.

Users enter the city at the time of Constantine and see inside buildings.

The simulation takes place in AD320, which is said to be the city’s peak, when it had grown to a million inhabitants.

I understand that the HBO TV series Rome was canceled primarily because of high production costs. The producers insisted on having everything in the show authentic down to the last detail. Not to suggest that the 10-year project described here was easy or cheap, but I bet it cost only a fraction of the budget for one season of Rome.

But that’s okay; we don’t need TV shows if we want to visit ancient Rome:

Talks are said to have begun with Linden Labs to make the entire simulation available on the internet through the company’s virtual world Second Life.

At this rate, some of us may be living there soon, should we choose to.