Calling All Transhumanists

By | October 2, 2009

Transhumanism received a major tip of the hat from one of the biggest players in business news,

In his articleCalling All Transhumanists, reporter Courtney Boyd Meyers describes the fourth annual Singularity Summit happening in New York this weekend. Here are some outtakes from the article:

Singularists fall into optimist and pessimist camps. Optimists, such as Kurzweil, look forward to living in an age in which human intelligence is enhanced by brain implants that extend our memories, enhance our senses and allow us to solve problems faster and with greater accuracy.

Some skeptics were quoted, along with some who fear a Matrix-like Singularity. But, read on…

But the Singularity continues to pique the curiosity of the layman. Over the next 12 months, Hollywood will release several movies with trans-humanist themes, such as Jonathan Mostow’s Surrogates, James Cameron’s Avatar, Barry Ptolemy’s Transcendent Man and The Singularity is Near, with a script by Ray Kurzweil. In a time when the publishing industry is struggling, Better Humans LLC has just launched a new magazine called H+ covering the trans-humanism scene for fans of radical technological change.

It’s possible that because the Singularity is a relatively new idea, it’s embraced mostly by the youth and dismissed as a counter-cultural trend by an older generation of professors and scientists. “I’m the older side of the Singularists,” says Vassar, who is 30 years old.

Vassar makes me feel SO OLD. :O

More seriously, the Singularity Summit folks were hoping for big publicity when they scheduled this year’s event in New York. I think they’ve achieved their goal.