Top Ten Tweets: October 4, 2010

By | October 4, 2010

…where Stephen chooses ten of his recent tweets and writes further.

  1. billprady: The “Shelbot” was supplied by the good people at Willow Garage and was a working, practical device.

    And it was used to great comedic effect in the same Big Bang Theory episode where “The Singularity Goes Prime Time.”

    I loved how a hilariously non-plussed Steve Wozniak comments “Hey, nice telepresence device.”


  2. io9: Photos of an elephant dressing up as the bantha from Star Wars:

    elephant bantha.jpg

    bantha elephant 2.jpg

    This completely beats CGI. More pictures at the link.

  3. engineer4change: Brilliant: MIT’s H-Lab is developing small robotic planes to deliver blood samples from rural clinics to labs – cheaper, faster.

    This is one way to do it. Giving us a Dr. McCoy Medical Tricorder so that the lab can be taken into the field is another route.

  4. TEDTalks about Technology for the Senses. Example: eyeglasses that can quickly and cheaply match any prescription.

  5. wilw:
    When the Yogurt Took Over” a short story from @scalzi.

  6. futureaware: Fujitu begins shipping computing units for a 10 petaflop supercomputer that will start running in 2012

    The future marches on, even in the midst of this recession.

  7. futureaware: After 31 Years Goodbye to BIOS and Hello to Faster Booting Computers in 2011 with UEFI

    Great tech for its time, but good riddance.

  8. PopMech: Future of #EV: Drivers will be able to buy what they want – not a 3-wheeler, not a golf cart: A car – Aliza Peleg, VP of Better Place

    Or most of us won’t buy them. At least not until gas gets a lot more expensive. Advances in battery technology will control.

    That, and the existence of enough bleeding edge EV guys to pay for the battery advances.

  9. ‘An early adopter is someone who pays too much for something that doesn’t work’ – Lisa Gansky.

    But the rest of the world benefits from these spoiled, impatient heroes. Their unwillingness to wait for the cheaper, perfected later version pays much of the R&D for drugs, gadgets, and other innovations that make all our lives better.

  10. tobiasbuckell: Osmos is a very soothing, peaceful game for the iPhone.

    He convinced me to risk $.99. Great game.

  • Phil Bowermaster

    Regarding those amazing eyeglasses — can pants that automatically fit any waistline be far behind? Oh, wait, we already have those.

  • stephentg

    Phil, when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It’s for fun.

  • Phil Bowermaster

    Wise words, my friend. Wise words.