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By | August 27, 2010

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  • Personalized Life Extension Conference, October 9-10 #future

  • Skype Killer? Google had one million Gmail calls on first day

    Here’s my take on Google’s new gmail phone service.

  • George Dvorsky: Optimize your health with The Zone and Paleo diets [life extension]
  • Engadget: Commodore USA announces the PC64, an Atom-powered PC in a replica Commodore case
  • Engadget
    Nike files patent for auto-lacing sneakers, Marty McFly doth protest
    Thu Aug 26 2010 00:04:50 (Central Daylight Time)

  • Tech Review’s best Young Innovators
  • Space-based detector could find anti-universe – A huge particle detector to be mounted on the International…
  • Engadget: Sony’s Netbox streams Netflix, YouTube and other internet stuff for $130
  • Searchinvaders
    Report: iTunes to rent TV shows for 99 cents

  • ALA_TechSource: “Conflict over ebook rights and royalties is one of the most outstanding irritants in the transition to digital publishing.”
  • Neiltyson asks: “Why do aliens always disembark via ramp? Do they have problems with stairs? Or are flying saucers just handicap-accessible?”

    I’m sure the guy in the E.T. suit appreciated the ramp.

  • Kaplan Publishing experiments with free e-books

    Kaplan primarily does test prep guides: SAT, ACT, GRE, etc.

  • digg_sciences
    “New microbe discovered eating oil spill in Gulf ” –

    Well, new to us…

  • Engadget: Sharp’s e-reader ready to ‘rival the iPad’ by year’s end, may have a 3D future

    Rivaling Apple – that’s the trick isn’t it? Those guys stay a generation ahead.

    Not that they should get cocky…

    (Mildly NSFW)

  • The evolution of Pixar.
  • From the Department of Useless Trivia: Dr. Suess coined the word, “nerd”.
  • A TEDx talk from Shimon Schocken at TEDx TelAviv on mountain biking with incarcerated youth:

  • Jerry Bruckheimer: “Great dinner with Cuba Gooding Jr at La Esquina NYC this weekend. He heard that I had dinner with Cruise last week… he reminded me Tom’s not really his agent.”
  • Jeremy Piven: “Not how hard you hit, it’s how hard u can get hit that makes the difference in your life….”

    Love that speech from “Rocky Balboa.”

    Sylvester Stallone reminded us why the first “Rocky” won best picture.

  • News: Download an up-and-coming science fiction magazine for a quarter [Deals]
  • Mike Anissimov: Here’s a good quote from the current Halcyon website: “Sequence data will spark the greatest medical revolution since hygiene.”
  • Are ants the key to Artificial Intelligence?

    Start small.

  • Sally J Morem: “Cassini’s been a very, very busy little space probe, check out the pix:”

  • Apple patent filed back in January discloses research into layering iOS (iPhone’s OS) functionality atop Mac OS X.
  • digg_sciences
    “Urine Could Be a Source of Renewable Energy?” –

    A fuel cell powered by urine? This might actually be useful in remote areas. I’m less sure it would catch on here in the city.

    A less messy solution? Recharging cell phones from radio waves.

  • New Compound Has ‘Superhero-Like’ Powers
  • It’s not all about Ray: There’s more to Singularity studies than Kurzweil #future

    Not all but some:

    PBS Gives Exposure to Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity, and Bio-ethics #future

  • GristC Mark Twain’s autobiography to finally be published 100 years after his death

  • This puts a whole new light on things – how Greek statues originally looked – in full color
  • mims
    Using Einstein to Speed Up Supercomputer Simulations 10,000%

  • TEDx: Here’s a stunning new #TED talk on data visualization by design genius David McCandless
  • Syfy
    What do u think r the most memorable, iconic, or best single episodes of sci-fi TV?

    Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Inner Light.”

  • Engadget: Stamp $50 Android tablet prototype raises eyebrows in India and beyond (video)
  • Bad Astronomer: Penn and Teller’s awesome vaccine demo is now on YouTube! NSFW. Duh.
  • Mike Treder: Nanotechnology, For Better or For Worse #future
  • News: Fingerprint check-in tried at 24 Hour Fitness – San Francisco Chronicle
  • Neurosecurity: The mind has no firewall
  • Underground Wonders of the World: Labyrinths, Crypts and More – Creepy strange places of death.
  • TEDxB
    #TEDxBerkeley video release! The amazing @tedprize winner Dr. Jill Tarter, @SETIInstitute Director #TED #TEDx #space

  • digg_sciences
    “A Machine That Turns Plastic Back Into Oil” –