Summer Hiatus

By | July 18, 2012

FastForward Radio is taking a few weeks of this summer, but the show goes on. You know how on the weekends they play those old Coast to Coast AMs with Art Bell? It’s kind of like that.

Last week we revisited two shows, one about future Salons with guest Wayne Radinsky and one involving speculations about the distant future.

This week we present our first-ever interview with Jim Elvidge, author of The Universe: Solved! who makes the case that our entire universe may be an elaborate simulation. Bonus: part one of a discussion about Future Ethics.

Next week we’ll conclude the discussion of future ethics packaged up with a show about weird science. Don’t miss it!

Live shows resume August 1.

  • Ellen

    The universe is an elaborate simulation? I am reminded of Ender’s Game and am wondering at what point do we cross over from simulation to the real deal?