• DCWhatthe

    Sorry for monopolizing the comments area, but there’s an interesting question that we can ask, at some point:

    Is there anything that current-day humans have to offer the future?

    In other words, is there any kind of value in the apparent inefficiency of our brains, or our irrational emotional states, or something that humans have, which superintelligences aren’t likely to replicate (perhaps because they simply won’t want to replicate that attribute)?

    We still have an obvious footing on pattern recognition talents, but we know AI will match and pass that eventually.

    Another way of asking the question is:

    If we don’t merge with machines, and AI advances separately from us, will there be anything special about us, which an advanced AI will view as a basis for a continued relationship with human beings?

    Personally, I can’t think of anything we have to offer a superintelligence. But maybe we have do have something unique, and it’s so obvious that we take it for granted and have difficulty naming it.

  • https://blog.speculist.com Phil Bowermaster

    DC –

    Great question. We’ll spend some time on that on tonight’s show.