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By | March 14, 2011
All About the Future

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Three big chances to catch FFR this week.  

Monday: FFR#15 Tobias Buckell on Creating the Future

Phil and Stephen  welcome popular author Tobias Buckell back to FastForward Radio, discussing the common ground between futurists and science fiction writers.

7 PM Pacific / 10 PM Eastern


Wednesday: The Future We Make

Phil and Stephen discuss futurism as advocacy. What happens when we stop trying just to predict the future and start trying to make it happen?.

(Live show.)

7 PM Pacific / 10 PM Eastern


Saturday: WT 1.5 Risks, Dystopia, and the Singularity

Phil continues to explore the major transformations occurring in our world — this week focusing on how things might go wrong, and how wrong they might go.

8 PM Pacific / 11 PM Eastern

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