FastForward Radio — The Attitude of Gratitude

By | November 23, 2010
This week the US celebrates Thanksgiving, our
annual festival of overeating, football, getting together with friends and loved ones, and
attempting to blow ourselves up with turkey fryers.

Thanksgiving is also a time when people take a moment to reflect on
what they have to be grateful for. In that spirit, Phil and Stephen
review the Extremely Good News checklist and talk about the progress that we are making against it.

Here’s that article about the benefits of gratitude.

Preserving and Nurturing the Biosphere

1.Methods of production that generate zero pollutants

2.Energy sources that produce zero pollutants

3.Reversing of previous environmental damage

4.Human population levels with zero negative environmental impact

5.Preservation of natural habitat for all living species

6.The long-term survival of all living species

7.The retrieval of lost species

8.The creation of new species and new biospheres

Standards of Living

1.Eradication of hunger worldwide

2.Adequate clean water, housing, clothing, for all

3.Medical care for all

4.Access to technology and knowledge for all who want it

5.Total economic independence for individuals and groups who desire it

Indefinite Human Lifespan

1.Eradication of aging and infectious disease

2.Quick, effective treatment for any kind of cancer

3.Effective prevention/cures for heart disease, diabetes, other chronic diseases

4.Suspension of life not sustainable by current means

5.The transfer of human consciousness to new media


1.Work necessary for economic viability, not for economic survival

2.Continued blurring of line between work and play

3.Full immersion VR to eliminate distance

4.Artificial Intelligences to assist us in work


1.Artificial Intelligences to entertain and befriend us

2.Full immersion VR to simulate any experience

3.Consumer model of entertainment rivaled by producer/participant model


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