FastForward Radio — 10 Things to Look Forward to in 2012 — and Beyond

By | January 4, 2012

Happy New Year! Phil and Stephen talk about exoskeletons for parapalegics, newly discovered lost worlds, tapping into the fountain of youth, and other exciting possibilities opening up in the year 2012 — and beyond.

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Here’s the full list of things to look forward to:

12 (Drummers Drumming*) Exoskeletons
11 (Pipers Piping) Get Appy
10 (Lords a Leaping) Thin TV
9 (Ladies Dancing) SpaceX to Visit Space Station
8 (Maids a Milking) Fountain of Youth for Mice?
7 (Swans a Swimming) Solar Grid Parity / Building a Better Sun Trap
6 (Geese a Laying) Open Source Cancer Research
5 (Golden Rings) Breast and Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine
4 (Calling Birds) Cloud Computing Boom
3 (French Hens) Walking on Water (inspiring debunking here)
2 (Turtle Doves) Gamification of Behavior
1 (Partridge in a Pear Tree) The World Won’t End – no link required

*Yes, it’s okay to keep this going. As long as Stephen’s tree is still up!

  • AndyJ

    Speculating is easy. Divining the details of a plan is easy. It’s done in bars and dorm rooms and around coffee/kitchen tables all the time. The key is to write up a plan, draft a team, find some scratch funding and-execute-… Sci Fi writers have been speculating on the future for generations. Neal Stephenson takes a copy of the Wall Street Journal and/or New York Sunday Times and treats it as a whole piece and speculates on the logical conclusions and society… or at least it seems like that to me… I want an anati-Gravity device. Something that will reduce the weight of my car, my elevator, my boots…

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