FastForward Radio — Nanotechnology in Three (or More) Easy Steps!

By | November 29, 2009

Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon begin a two-part series on nanotechnology. In Part 1, they explore the origin of the concept of nanotechnology and work through the basic concepts as outlined in K. Eric Drexler’s Engines of Creation.

The entire book Engines of Creation is available online for free here:

We last spent time on this topic during our special series The World Transformed As we noted then…

Nanotechnology promises to change our world in ways that are difficult to predict, or even imagine.

Are you ready for…

…Star Trek style replicators that would allow you to make anything, ANYTHING, you wanted?

…artificial robotic blood cells that will turn an Average Joe into a world-class athlete, or allow you to hold your breath under water for an hour at a time?

…programmable “smart” matter than can take whatever form you want? It’s a suitcase. No, a bicycle! No, a TV! No, a puppy!

Nanotechnology promises all of this plus a lot more.

In order to take advantage of that promise, we need to understand and prepare
for this coming revolution in how we interact with the material world.