FastForward Radio — More on Sub-Human to Posthuman

By | November 24, 2009

Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon continue their discussion about the future of human and machine evolution:

1. What are the challenges faced in trying to develop a human-level artificial intelligence?

2. When do humans stop being human?

3. What will be the relationship between humanity and post-human artificial intelligence?

Part 1 is here.

Archived recording available here:

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  • DCWhatthe

    Regarding the chats at BlogTalkRadio, note that there seems to be a delay between sending a chat message, and the receiving of the text from the host side. I’m a pretty fast typist, but that didn’t help much during the session.

    It might be the choice of browser that I’m using (Google Chrome), so will try IE for the next episode.

    The delay seems to be about 15-20 seconds.