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The World Transformed 2, Part 7: Wealth Transformed

Throughout human history, material scarcity has been a constant driver of innovation and economic growth. Today the world knows material abundance far beyond what could have been imagined a few centuries ago, even while shortages, poverty and want remain a reality for many. But that may not always be the case. New technologies suggest that […]

Word Transformed 2, Part 4: Humanity Transformed

We can only imagine that, some 6 million years ago, when hominids began to stand upright, there was a tremendous controversy amongst the proto- australopithecines as to whether assuming this new posture was “natural.” Weren’t Lucy and her ilk simply violating their most basic nature? The debate has continued ever since, as humans have learned […]

More on the World Transformed 2

Starting June 29, 2011 FastForward Radio presents The World Transformed 2. We’ll be talking to 30 futurists, visionaries, and otherwise fascinating people in an attempt to assemble a better picture of the major transformations to our world that are occurring now (or are likely to occur soon.) The format will include both panel discussions and […]