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Visions for a World Transformed Now Available

Available now on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats: Visions for a World Transformed 99 Ideas for Making the World a Better Place — Starting Right Now How different will the future be from today? As different as we can imagine, and possibly stranger and more wonderful than we ever HAVE imagined. The key […]

How Long Is the World’s Longest Book?

Our new book project, a collection of ideas for making the world a better place entitled The World Transformed, has been going by the nickname “the World’s Longest Book.” I want to be quick to point out that the proposed Abridged Edition of the The World Transformed will not be anything remotely approaching the world’s […]

Background on the Men Who Sold the Moon

Related to this week’s The World Transformed — here is some background on the billionaires we’ll be discussing as well as their achievements. Technology: Vanity or visionary? As the son of an angel investor who had made his fortune during the industrial revolution, the younger Darwin was the beneficiary of a similar fount of personal […]

Infinite Universes

New findings suggest that our universe is not the only one. It may be one of many, or one of an infinite number of universes. Phil and Stephen discuss the implications. Does it matter if there’s more than universe? If so, how? And why? Check it out.

The Future of ISMs

The future isn’t just about technological change. Some of the biggest changes we have ever seen and can expect ever to see occur in the realm of ideas. With that in mind, hosts Phil and Stephen contemplate the future of some of the mostly dearly held and hotly debated of all ideas. Which isms will […]

Mind-Blowing technologies

Futurist George Dvorsky joins hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon to discuss his recent io9 piece: 10 Mindblowingly Futuristic Technologies that Will Appear by the 2030′s. Are we really just a couple of decades away from self-directed killer robots, invisible computers, and a Star Trek style replicator in every home? The guys discuss George’s list, plus […]