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New Life Form Discovered

UPDATE: As we discussed on a subsequent FastForward Radio, this story has been almost completely discredited. Sorry I got all excited over nothing.   Per Gizmodo, NASA is preparing to announce the discovery of an entirely new form of life: Hours before their special news conference today, the cat is out of the bag: NASA […]

Give it up, Anakin, I have the high ground

Image via Wikipedia Brian Wang has some additional thoughts on potential technologies for starship propulsion. There’s no shortage of possible approaches, that’s for sure. It turns out that the star drive used in Avatar is a plausible choice — who knew? While some are dismissing interstellar travel as hopelessly unrealistic and/or pointless, Brian begs to […]

Survey: Why Will We Go to the Stars?

Image via Wikipedia The discovery of the first potentially habitable earth-like planet raises questions about humanity’s future in interstellar space. Will we, in fact, “explore strange new worlds” and “seek out new life and new civilizations?” In my previous post I suggested that discovery of habitable, earth-like planets may give us the impetus to begin […]