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Five Years that Changed the World — FastForward Radio

Phil  and Stephen celebrate FastForward Radio’s fifth anniversary on BlogTalk Radio. Special guests P. J. Manney and perhaps one other join to talk about the big changes that have occurred over the past half decade and what we can expect from the next five years. Plus: what’s next for FastForward Radio? BONUS: Phil (finally) explains what the […]

The Big Robot, College, Sex Debate — FastForward Radio

Having postponed this week’s show in favor of Wednesday’s presidential debate, Phil and Stephen  engage in a debate of their own, on the issues that really matter: Resolved: I, for one, welcome our robot overlords. Resolved: Everyone who can should go for cryonic suspension (or brain plastination.) Resolved: AI Research must continue in spite of the risk that it may […]

The Case for Optimism — FastForward Radio

Writing in Time Magazine, former President Bill Clinton provides five solid reasons to believe that our world is getting better all the time. His reasons include the radical transformative effect of technology (in particular smart phones),  improvements in health Infrastructure, green energy, the growing role of women, and greater emphasis on and demand for justice. Not to be […]

Voyage to the End of the Universe — FastForward Radio

Phil  and Stephen discuss the future of space travel and exploration. What misconceptions about space travel has science fiction given us? What does our future in space look like if faster-than-light travel is not possible? What does our future in space look like if faster-than-light travel is possible? Is exploring and settling the universe a job for humans or […]

A World Without Suffering? — FastForward Radio

Phil and Stephen discuss The Abolitionist Project, a proposed program to end all human suffering. Can suffering be eliminated? Should it be eliminated? Plus: the conclusion of last week’s discussion about what to do with your next 25, 50, 100 years. What possibilities exist for those who don’t live to see it? Points to conisder: Futurists setting up fund for terminally […]

Your Next 25, 50, 100 Years — FastForward Radio

Phil and Stephen  talk about what possibilities lie ahead for us in the decades to come. How much time we have before us is a huge factor in determining what possibilities may open up for us. What might we experience in the next 25, the next 50, and the next 100 years? PLUS: what possibilities […]

What Is Reality Made Of? — FastForward Radio

Jim Elvidge, author of The Universe: Solved! returns to FastForward Radio to discuss new insights into the nature of consciousness and of matter. How much do we really know about either of them? Do we really know what “reality” is made of? Plus an update on parallel realities, quantum physics, nanotech, and new evidence that we may […]

The Physics of Miracles — FastForward Radio

Phil and Stephen  welcome futurist and transhumanist Giulio Prisco to FastForward Radio to discuss his new magazine Turing Church, which is all about the convergence of  science, technology, religion, and spirituality. Topics to be explored: Technology Meets Spirituality — Why Is This Important? What’s a Cosmist? What do they believe? (More here.) The physics of […]

Curiosity Triumphs! — FastForward Radio

 Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon celebrate the successful landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars. What does this project tell us about our future in space? Plus — are we living in the year 2012 or the year 21? Also – Update on H+: the Digital Series Human immortality by 2045? Ingestible Microchips. 3d […]

H+ The Digital Series — FastForward Radio

Phil and Stephen  welcome the creators of a new web series from Warner Premiere: H+ the Digital Series. Joining the discussion will be director Stewart Hendler (director, “Sorority Row” and “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”), writer/creator John Cabrera (actor, “Gilmore Girls”) and producer Jason Taylor (associate producer, “Jack the Giant Killer”). H+ The Digital Series takes viewers on […]