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By | June 20, 2012

This week NASA announced that the Voyager 1 probe, launched in 1977, may soon reach interstellar space — if it has not done so already. Let the star age begin!

Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon discuss the significance of this milestone and explore how and when humanity might truly begin to venture to the stars.


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What an amazing run it has had.

And now it’s going where no one has gone before.

Voyager contains a special message for anyone who might  eventually happen to find it.


Pioneer 10 

Also credited with having left the solar system — way back in 1983 — when it passed Pluto’s orbit.

Also carries a special message to anyone who might happen upon it one day.


Plans for traveling into interstellar space:

The 100-Year Starship Program

Several interesting possible approaches from NASA:


Von Neumann Probes:

Good stuff from David Brin:

Additional good stuff from George Dvorsky:


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