The World Transformed Goes Mainstream

By | November 25, 2009

First we had Glenn writing about the singularity in Popular Mechanics. Pretty pedestrian stuff for those who are familiar with the subject, but potentially a real eye-opener for a lot of regular PM readers.

Next we find National Geographic – celebrating the Darwin’s 150th — giving four scenarios for human evolution. The first two are kind of a waste of time, but the third one is “Humans Achieve Electronic Immortality.”

In National Freaking Geographic.

Finally, Cracked — a name that to me will always mean “Mad Magazine Wannabe” — we find 5 Materials that Will Make the World as We Know It Obsolete.

Tagline: “Your, uh…ass is calling.”

Okay, I didn’t say they had gone highbrow or anything, but the technologies described are pretty much spot on.Popular Mechanics, National Geographic, and Cracked. This stuff is going mainstream.

Next time we do one of these, looks like we’ll have to take it up a notch.

  • Dave Coles

    The Cracked link is the the same as the NG link.

    [Fixed. Thanks, Dave.]

  • dagonweb

    Can someone go to “amor mundi” and emphasize this point a few hundred times?