The Brain Boost

By | January 4, 2015

Clever girl thinking with a machine head illustrationWe already boost our intelligence with external resources, including other people, books, and the Internet. How long before we can start boosting our intelligence inside our brains using implants?

If your brain could be made to operate 10-20% faster, if you could completely eliminate mental fatigue or a tendency to become distracted, if you could suddenly have a completely photographic memory and the ability to recall anything you see, hear, or read in perfect detail — wouldn’t you sign on with that?

Plus, boosting our intelligence is an enabler for anything else we want to accomplish. The smarter, the easier.

What’s the best boost currently available? Supplements? Electric currents? Discuss.

UPDATE: on FAcebook Jab suggests modafinil is already providing a boost to a lot of people, especially students. Then there’s transcranial magnetic stimulation.

  • Eric Claeys

    Small note: Both of your links at the end point to the modafinil article (instead of the second pointing to “transcranial magnetic stimulation”).

  • priya gupta

    BrainBoost education provides personalized education services for students of all ages and study needs.