FastForward Radio — The World Transformed Recap

By | September 8, 2009

The World Transformed, Recap

Futurists Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon review the transformations that are changing our world:

  1. Our Thinking Transformed: Imagination, Creativity, and a World Transformed
  2. Mortality Transformed (I): The Era of Indefinite Lifespan
  3. The Material World Transformed: The Nanotech Revolution
  4. Society Transformed (I): Risks, Dystopia, and Unsettling Futures
  5. Humanity Transformed: Reworking the Human Architecture
  6. Intelligence Transformed: Achieving Friendly Artificial Intelligence
  7. Mortality Transformed (II): Virtual Worlds and the Future of Personality
  8. Society Transformed (II): The End of Scarcity and the Age of Abundance
  9. The Future Transformed (I): The Technological Singularity
  10. The Future Transformed (II): Acceleration, Convergence, and Human Destiny


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