• http://americandigest.org vanderleun

    Wasn’t there an energy poll just above this item this morning? Where can it have gone?

  • https://blog.speculist.com Phil Bowermaster

    The polling utility that Stephen was using was too limited — he had six possible answers to his question, but he could only get it to display four at a time. (Apparently that’s the maximum.)

    He tried republishing a couple times, but no luck. So he pulled it.

    A real shame, too. Some of the commenters were being unusually articulate and charming.

  • http://americandigest.org vanderleun

    Actually it would seem the poll process gives you up to 10 possible answers.



    Where the poll still lives and press the create free poll button.

    Not really that hard. The only problem is that while you can pull it on your own site it seems to persist on the hosting site.

  • https://blog.speculist.com Phil Bowermaster

    Interesting. It didn’t seem to work for Stephen, and I’m not going back into the blog polling business…right now, anyhow. We did some big ones in the past when we were using a paid service, but haven’t done any to speak of in the last couple of years.

    However, I note that Stephen is giving it another try with a different utility. Let the fun…continue!