T. Boone Pickens Town Hall in Shreveport, LA

By | October 23, 2008

T. Boone Pickens came to my home town Shreveport yesterday as part of his campaign for the Pickens Plan. It was set to start at 10:30, and I showed up a few minutes early to make sure I could get a decent seat.

Out in front of the Shreveport Civic Center were two CNG vehicles. One was a GM Impala and the other was a Chesapeake work truck. Unfortunately neither is in production right now. If you want to be a CNG early adopter you essentially have one choice in the United States today – the Honda Civic GS CNG.

I got inside and got a great seat on the second row. When the rally started 30 minutes later, the room was completely full (picture gallery here [Hey, that's me in photo 8]).

A video showing T. Boone’s travels on this campaign rolled to the tune of Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere.” T. Boone is shown hopping from city to city on various talk shows and rallies throughout the country.

Then our local Senator David Vitter came out and introduced T. Boone.

Pickens was given a standing ovation as he approached the podium from the back of the hall. Shreveport is a very friendly crowd for this guy. He’s advocating a move from petroleum to natural gas to people living on top of the biggest gas field in the United States.


T. Boone looks like he’s one of those rare 80-year-old guys with another 20 years left in him. He got to the stage and – with a quick hand up from Vitter – did this funny hop step 3 feet up onto the stage. He didn’t bother with the stairs at the side of the stage.

He got straight to the point – we import 70% of our oil. Nixon thought we had a problem back when we imported 24% of our oil. At this summer’s peak prices we were sending $700 Billion overseas annually for petroleum. We can’t afford this now. And if we don’t do something it will get worse. Pickens says that by 2018 we’ll be paying $300 a barrel for oil. It will break this country.

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