More Light

By | January 8, 2006

It makes sense that the new year begins in January — a little ray of hope in the dead of winter. One thing I’m sure most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are looking forward to is the days getting longer over the next few months. Then in springtime for those of us in the US (and many other countries) comes the annual setting of the clocks ahead to squeeze even more daylight into our waking hours.

Well Diana Mertz Hsieh at Noodlefood is seconding a motion raised by Eugene Volokh late last year that we stop tinkering with the clock and figure out a way to get more actual daylight.

I would note that this has been done already (sort of) in one locale on a limited scale. Now how do we all get our fair share of extra daylight?

Suggestions are welcome.

  • Karl Hallowell

    We already do with artificial lighting. I actually see a need to decrease the amount of light since many places I’ve lived had way too much night time lighting (especially when you’re trying to sleep).

    The ultimate answer is space. You can find many places that don’t have planets in the way.