Choose Your Future!

By | June 19, 2006

A few items to ponder:

  1. Will fab technology render life meaningless?

  2. Will Mexico become a US protectorate? Or will they conquer the world?

  3. Will our home planet be left behind in ruins?

  4. Are we on the verge of a space boom? And will the moon be the Boca Raton of the coming century?

  5. Will Oprah Winfrey be the next President of the United States?

  6. Will employment as we know it cease to exist?

  7. Will the Technological Singularity become the next big political issue?

  8. Will we soon be driving fully automated flying cars? Or are flying cars a pipe dream?

  9. Finally, and perhaps most crucially of all… ****spoiler warning****

    …will Jack Bauer escape his captors or will the next season of 24 take place in China?

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