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Top Ten Tweets; October 12, 2010

…this time Stephen chooses ten topics from his recent tweets. Robots: Drudge Report: …self-driving cars have logged over 140,000 miles Barry Ptolemy: Computers Are Driving Cars In Traffic Pete Cashmore: 10 Amazing Real Life Robots – Space: Drudge Report: Private spaceship makes 1st solo glide flight… Scientific American: Mission To Mars […]

Hobbyists to Transform the World…Again

In his book Hackers, Steven Levy tells how a collection of unpaid and underpaid enthusiasts, many amateurs and hobbyists, ushered in a new technological and economic era–namely, the era we live in now. Enjoy reading blogs? Thank a hacker. It’s a little dizzying to consider the impact that an outfit such as the Homebrew Computer […]


Even as we debate the question of whether a world of abundance can be achieved, whether scarcity can be eliminated once and for all, the revolution continues: These days, most people in the developed world run a professional-quality print works, photographic lab and CD-pressing plant in their own house, all courtesy of their home PC. […]

Fabrication, Robotics, and Utopia

We’ve referenced this TED Talk before and have probably embedded it as well (although I couldn’t find the page if we did.) Neil Gershenfeld from MIT describes the beginnings of the digital fabrication revolution. One of the most striking things about this (now three-year-old) talk is that it challenges the scenario that, in the future, […]

The RepRap Achieves Self-Replication!

A University of Bath academic [Adrian Bowyer], who oversees a global effort to develop an open-source machine that ‘prints’ three-dimensional objects, is celebrating after the prototype machine succeeded in making a set of its own printed parts. The machine, named RepRap, will be exhibited publicly at the Cheltenham Science Festival (June 4-8, 2008). RepRap is […]


Steve Burgess has written an interesting essay for KurzweilAI on “The (Needed) New Economics of Abundance.” You’ll want to read the whole thing. I agree with Burgess that personal manufacturing (first by fab labs, later by molecular manufacturing) will bring incredible abundance. I also agree that this abundance will be very disruptive to society as […]

Medical Fab, Part 3

Medical Fab, Part 1 Medical Fab, Part 2 Scientists in London have developed a new way to print biological structures smaller than the ink jet needles they use in the printer. The problem was that the smallest ink jet needles are currently 500 microns – larger than what is needed to lay down cells with […]

Medical Fab, Part 2

Last January it was reported that a group of researchers in the U.K. was busy trying to beat competitors in Japan and the United States in the “printing” of body tissue. This week Wired reported on progress in the U.S. Led by University of Missouri-Columbia biological physics professor Gabor Forgacs and aided by a $5 […]

Key Fab

Last week my wife came home excited about the key machine at our local Wal-Mart. “This thing makes practically perfect copies because its computer controlled.” Sure enough, the three keys we had made for our van all worked perfectly. Having had limited success with keys made by hand, I took note and decided this is […]

CNN Talks to Dr. Bowyer

I somehow missed pointing to last week’s CNN article about Adrian Bowyer and his RepRap project. In this interview Dr. Bowyer compared the RepRap to agriculture. This is a good reminder that self-replication isn’t magic. It’s not something for nothing. Energy, raw materials, and information are essential to the process – just like agriculture. Also, […]