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A Painting from a Dying Flower

This is my favorite XKCD strip ever, and that is saying something: Wow. Why do I feel so sad? Somehow, the idea of the  bee image embedded in the orchid reminds me of this story, in which I raised the following question: This makes me wonder…are there other past events that we might get a […]

What We Can Measure

Image via Wikipedia Many years ago I was involved in implementing TQM (total quality management) and BPR (business process re-engineering) programs for a large telecom company. Such programs are about applying a rigorous, fact-driven methodology  to achieving better results in business. Typically, when implementing TQM or BPR, organizations put teams in place to solve problems […]

The Adjacent Possible

An idea worth pondering. (Click it for a magnified view.) The quote is from Steven Johnson in his book Where Good Ideas Come From. (The photo is supplied by Stephen Gordon.) The adjacent possible is part of possibility space, the most easily accessed part. It is our nearest neighbor here in the world of fully […]

Time Travel…

…happens all the time. Of course, that’s not news to us — but it’s always worth mentioning. Viewing the past is just the beginning. Who wants to just see other times when we can actually move through time itself? And in fact, I’m traveling through time right now, and so are all of you. Count […]

Alternative Lines Through Time

When Stephen asked me to do an update to Lines Through Time, I demurred. I want to check in on that one in 10-year increments. But I got to thinking about the reasoning I employed in laying out the meandering course of my life, and it occurred to me that I don’t (necessarily) agree with […]

Lines Through Time

[ I like dusting off some of these older posts from time to time, especially on more philosophical subjects that we haven't covered in a while. My life has taken some additional turns since I first published this piece. For example, we have already moved away from the house mentioned below as the "current" house. […]

No Regrets for Time Travelers

One of the themes of the Speculist that I have neglected over the past couple of years is the idea of Practical Time Travel — the notion that we are moving through time not in the reversed or accelerated way described in science fiction stories, but rather forward one day at a time through myriad […]

Future Encapsulated

This Reuters article: Centennial time capsule car found ruined | Oddly Enough | Reuters Got me thinking about a couple of things. First, how might the time capsule have been done better (please confine speculation to approximately mid-century technology), and second, what would constitute “an advanced product of American industrial ingenuity with the kind of […]

I Just Had to Post This

So the old question of Free Will (link takes you to a teaser; paid subscription required to read the article) is once again rearing its head: Underneath the uncertainty of quantum mechanics could lie a deeper reality in which, shockingly, all our actions are predetermined “WE MUST believe in free will, we have no choice,” […]