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Limitless — Would You Take the Pill?

Saw a shorter version of this a couple of times during the Superbowl: Limitless: Trailer – Watch more Movie Trailers Intriguing premise — a guy takes a pill that turbo-charges his brain. It doesn’t look terribly realistic, but the appearance of a major transhumanist theme in popular culture is always an interesting thing to see. The specific theme I’m thinking […]

Humanity Plus Conference Caltech

Image via Wikipedia Humanity Plus has announced that registration is open for their latest conference, December 4-5 at Caltech. From the Humanity Plus blog: Today, Humanity+ officially opens registration for its next conference, Humanity+ @ Caltech: Redefining Humanity in the Era of Radical Technological Change. Humanity+ @ Caltech will take place on December 4-5 (Saturday/Sunday), […]

Addition, Subtraction Part 2: Robocops

With the Gates-Crowley-Obama dust-up likely to sort itself out in a day or two over a pitcher of suds, I got to thinking about how and why such a controversy arose in the first place, and the role that human enhancement technology and robotics might play in mitigating such situations in the future. So what […]

Build a Better Baby?

Michael Anissimov provides a thought-provoking analysis of the designer baby debate in H+ magazine. As with life extension, it amazes me that infant trait selection is capable of whipping up any sort of controversy at all. Being able to ensure that children are healthy, strong, smart and so forth seems like one of those things […]