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Get this kid to MIT…

…fast! 12-year-old William Yuan has invented a new, improved 3D solar cell. William invented a novel solar panel that enables light absorption from visible to ultraviolet light. He designed carbon nanotubes to overcome the barriers of electron movement, doubling the light-electricity conversion efficiency. William also developed a model for solar towers and a computer program […]

Running Like Clockwork

Back during the 1970′s my Grandfather Shelby Gordon spent much of his retirement in his wood working shop. He made wooden swings, shelves, and – most impressively – grandfather clocks. Here’s the one I have in my dining room: You don’t plug these clocks into the wall. They use weights. About once a week you […]

MIT, Aussie Boffins Produce Cheaper Hydrogen

In last night’s Fast Forward Radio discussion of future vehicular fuel sources I tossed out a couple of bits of recent research that might make Hydrogen a bit more of an option in the intermediate future. It seems that considerable advances have been made in the last few months in terms of generating Hydrogen from […]

A Short Bridge to EV's

Hybrid electric/gasoline vehicles have been thought of as a bridge technology to full electric vehicles. There are a number of factors that could make the bridge long (25+ years) or short (a decade). Paypal cofounder and Tesla chairman Elon Musk is betting on a short bridge. Here’s why: Hybrids represent a poor compromise. The product […]

Economic Inevitability

I’m all for fresh oil drilling, for getting shale up and running, for converting coal to methanol and trash to ethanol that we can burn in our flex fuel vehicles. I like the idea of diesel sourced from algae and bacteria that excretes crude oil. I’d be proud to drive around fueled by used french-fry […]

The Pickens Plan

UPDATE: And check out this NPR segment on solar power: “Solar Firms Eye Bright Future In U.S.“

Solar as a Service

Drive around and look at the rooftops in your neighborhood. If your town is anything like where I live chances are you won’t see any solar panels. Take a good look. In fact, take some pictures to document how your town looked circa 2008. By 2018 those rooftops will, mostly, have solar panels. Don’t worry […]

Go-Grease Lightening

If there’s anyone who doubts that higher gas prices will encourage people to adopt alternatives, consider this: Used cooking oil stolen — by biodiesel pirates SAN FRANCISCO – A few years ago, drums of used french fry grease were only of interest to a small network of underground biofuel brewers, who would use the slimy […]

Algae Economy, Part 2

For the last couple of days the Drudge Report has had a red link at the top of the page to this news story: ‘Squawk Box’ Guest Warns of $12-15-a-Gallon Gas In a television interview (which you can watch at that article) energy expert Robert Hirsch stated that a $12 gallon of gas is “inevitable.” […]

Ethanol: the Other Side

I was pleased to see (via InstaPundit) this favorable treatment of Robert Zubrin’s views on ethanol in Newsweek. I don’t think corn-based ethanol is a great way to go, especially with the heavy subsidies that seem to be required to make it happen, but at least we can have a little clarity on whether ethanol […]