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Sunrise, Sunburn, Sun Tea

How does the future happen? Well, maybe it doesn’t. That is, maybe the future doesn’t just “happen.”  Let’s look at some future events. Take tomorrow’s sunrise.  Get up early and go watch it if you like. You have nothing to do with it. Every day, it just happens. It’s the future, and it just happens. […]

Life, Liberty, Happiness

It’s a fairly simple story, really. From the time we figured out that those oddly angled thumbs of ours prove useful when it comes to making stuff and doing stuff, our story – not necessarily the story of any particular people or nation, but the story of all of us – has been about life, […]

Future Encapsulated

This Reuters article: Centennial time capsule car found ruined | Oddly Enough | Reuters Got me thinking about a couple of things. First, how might the time capsule have been done better (please confine speculation to approximately mid-century technology), and second, what would constitute “an advanced product of American industrial ingenuity with the kind of […]

Future of Libraries

I will be attending this conference Monday and Tuesday of next week: For two days in May, three hundred librarians will meet with visionaries from the disciplines of anthropology, architecture, public policy and science to discuss the future of libraries. By looking outside of the library, we seek to explore unique ideas that will make […]

Choose Your Future!

A few items to ponder: Will fab technology render life meaningless? Will Mexico become a US protectorate? Or will they conquer the world? Will our home planet be left behind in ruins? Are we on the verge of a space boom? And will the moon be the Boca Raton of the coming century? Will Oprah […]