Friday Videos: Google’s Self-Driving Car

By | March 4, 2011

I think this [Watson AI System] is really a tool that can assist knowledge workers, but isn’t going to replace them outright. Just like we won’t let a GPS drive our car by itself, we’re not going to turn over legal advice to computer. It’s just not ready for prime time, and won’t be in 10 years.

-Vivek Sarkar, Rice University AI expert

My TomTom can’t drive a car, but there are already computer systems that can:

And these robot cars don’t just drive slow or haltingly. They can now safely manage aggressive driving. Here’s a view from the outside of the car:

And here, I think, is the same run from inside the car. If you are subject to motion sickness, you might avoid this one.

This test run, by the way, was at TED.