Post-Scarcity Roadmap

By | February 2, 2015

city map with Pin Pointers 3d rendering imageThere is good reason to believe that we are heading towards post-scarcity, a new economy in which, basically, anybody can have anything they want. We’ll all be rich:

Post-scarcity is a theoretical alternative form of economics or social engineering in which goods, services and information are universally accessible.[1] This would require a sophisticated system of resource recycling, in conjunction with technologically advanced automated systems capable of converting raw materials into finished goods.

Here’s the problem. Although we can describe what the enabling technologies for post-scarcity will be (nanotech, biotech, artificial intelligence) and while it is fairly easy to provide a sketch of what a post-scarcity world will look like, the question of how, exactly, we get there from here leads to a lot of hemming and hawing.

We need a roadmap that starts with the technology and economy we have now and that leads us, step-by-step, into post-scarcity. The roadmap needs to include thoughts on how we avoid various pitfalls (that is, scarcity scenarios) that a post-scarcity society might fall into.

  • Gear Mentation

    You pretty much start with a basic income and it will develop naturally from there.

  • David Thomson

    I think that you start with the open source movement, and the maker movement, and you reverse engineer everything you can. With 50% unomloyment projected by 2030 due to automation, basic income is essentialto stave of suffering and violent revolution, but post scarcity is predicated on people having access to the technology to make the things they need; the means of production. In other words, the end of capitalism.

  • priya gupta

    Many fictional visions of post scarcity involve as yet undeveloped.