Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

The Shocking Truth — FastForward Radio

Phil and Stephen respond to a challenge from our good friend Maria Konnavolenko, who writes:

We, as well as the leaders of transhumanism all over the world, have a challenge to deal with. It is the development of a convincing advertising, agitprop content that attracts attention to our topic. We also must impel people to act in favor of radical life extension. We need video-blogs, scientific and popular science lectures, movies, ads and virus videos. We hardly have anything, and anyway if there’s something then it’s rather low quality…

The number of supporters is growing, but incredibly slow. It may seem that the flow of «natural information» about the scientific progress has to draw an educated listener to a conclusion that radical life extension is possible and that it’s their top priority. However, in reality we observe the unwillingness of people to consider fighting death.

There’s only one way to get people’s attention about the amazing changes that are taking place. We need to stop pussyfooting around and bring folks face to face with the whole shocking truth.

This week, we begin doing exactly that.

So what is the whole shocking truth? Tune in and find out, friends.

Wednesday January 11, 7 PM PST 10 PM EST